Company History

Business Items - Traffic Signal Equipment, Road Safety Equipment, Zinc, aluminium Alloy, Plastic Product Design OEM

About Zhan Yi:
Zhan Yi Co., Ltd. was established in 1985. The operational philosophy of the company is sustainable operation through long - term customer coordination, which stems from the integration of incessant innovation and technological experience. Main products are various types of traffic signal equipment, road safety equipment, zinc, aluminium alloy die casting products and plastic ejection products. The company has 27 years of die development experience and professional manufacturing technology, which has constantly introduced high technology to research and develop new products. This company sticks to the manufacture of high quality products, and strives to improve production level, and adopts complete post processing, surface processing, assembling, delivery and other series of systematic manufacturing in order to realize the service goals of the highest quality, best price and rapid delivery for customers.

Manufacturing Technology:
In order to increase die technology, this company adopts more advanced drawing and carving software and hardware, and further provides customers with modular service as well as relevant component manufacturing and mass production, complete post processing automatic CNC technology and complete surface processing, including electroplating, baking varnish, polishing, grinding, vibration, etc. In the aspect of traffic facilities and road safety equipment manufacturing, the company has 20 years experience, and has positively engaged in the research of LED and traffic signal control system in recent years, developed dedicated single - light three - color LED traffic signal light and simple signal control systems. Innovative development and positive dedication is the key to constant progress of manufacturing technology.

Professional Products:
Through many years of operation and manufacturing technology, Zhan Yi Company has developed a considerable number of own products, including LED signal light, light box, control host machine, reflective guide post, prominent marks and safety guide rod. The products contain traffic signal and road safety equipment, possessing the most complete product styles in the professional field and meeting all professional demands of the customer.

1985: Company establishment
1987: Company Design Department set up.
1995: System Regulation Department set up
1998: Mold Designing & Marketing
2002: Factory built-up completed
2003: System equipment department set up
2005: Industry Manufacture Department set up
2010: Pass by ISO9001-2008 certification

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